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Visiting the museum


Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum, Ernest Van Dijckkaai 9, BE-2000 Antwerp | Tel. +32(0)3/211.03.30 | Mobile +32(0)497/10.14.73


The museum is open to individual visitors on Sundays and Mondays from 14 to 17.00 hrs, except on public holidays and during the months of July and August.


During your visit you will be able to see the entire permanent collection of some 200 works by Eugeen Van Mieghem on display on the ground floor. Furthermore, the 32-minute film Eugeen Van Mieghem – An artist of the people is shown continuously.


An individual visit costs 4 euros/person. If you purchase the art book Eugeen Van Mieghem = Antwerp (30 euros), you can visit the museum free of charge (max. two people).


The museum has also a free audioguide hosted by IZI-travel. Click here.

Interieur van het Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum.

(photograph) The museum

Foto van een rondleiding in het Van Mieghem museum en het Redershuis.


Those wishing to visit the museum and Het Redershuis can only do so with a guide. A guided visit takes in the ground floor and the first and second floors where you can view the collection relating to the First World War and the Red Star Line. A visit led by our knowledgeable guide lasts approximately two hours.


The visit can be arranged either during or outside normal opening times, in the morning, afternoon or evening, but should be requested well in advance (see Contact). The minimum charge is 110 euros for a group of up to and including 20 people. For each person above 20, there is an extra charge of 4 euros. Groups of up to a maximum of 50 people are accepted.


Other options such as a Powerpoint presentation and a walk can be arranged on request. Please consult the ‘Activities’ page.


It is also possible to combine your visit to the Van Mieghem Museum with a visit to the Red Star Line Museum, which is within walking distance. For groups those two reservations must be made separately. Again we refer you to the ‘Activities’ page.


(photograph) Guided tour of the museum

Exhibitions at home and abroad
From February 9 to June 11, there's a Van Mieghem Retrospective in Dublin. For more info about the retrospective with more than 70 artworks ), please contact us. Here's an article in the Irish Times about the retrospective: -Ga-1,2936161

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